3 Coffee Table Books You Should Actually Read

Although coffee table books are mainly known for being home accessories, there are countless ones that are both aesthetically pleasing and entertaining reads. I love a good book, and when it’s good-looking, that’s even better.Why purchase a book solely because it looks beautiful on a table or nightstand when you can buy ones that compliment a room AND are enjoyable to read? Am I right, or am I right? All three of the books listed below are quick, entertaining reads that all revolve around pop culture. Enjoy! XO 

“Slaughterhouse 90210” by Maris Kreizman: AVAILABLE HERE

The title alone will be sure to make someone smile. As described on the cover, this novel is where great books meet pop culture. Overall, “Slaughterhouse 90210” is a fun, surprisingly thoughtful book that is perfect for anyone who is both an avid reader and Netflix binge-watcher.  

“Hamilton: The Revolution” by Lin-Manuel Miranda: AVAILABLE HERE

The Hamilton craze has been prevalent for what seems like forever now, and the musical comes to Los Angeles in 2017– hooray! To prepare for even more Hamilton-mania, take a look through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s book that he wrote in collaboration with culture critic Jeremy McCarter. It provides a fresh perspective on the project both men took on together. The book is absolutely fascinating.

1001 TV Shows you Must Watch Before you Die: AVAILABLE HERE

This fun book provides endless entertainment with quick excerpts about incredible television shows that everyone should see. Some of the ones on the cover include Breaking Bad and Friends. I am proud to say (or maybe I should be concerned) that I have seen many, many, many of the shows listed.

Featured image source: Entertainment Weekly. 

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