Cents and Sensibility: Amazing Drugstore Lip Glosses

In recent years, there has been an ongoing beauty debate of lip gloss vs. matte lipstick. I, however, have always been a loyal lip gloss fan, as the shiny texture adds polish and glamour to any outfit. Due to my deep love and appreciation for a good lip gloss, I wanted to share some of my all-time favorites on the blog. Even though there are super expensive glosses advertised in fashion magazines all the time, there is no reason to break the bank on such a simple item. Below are my top four drugstore lip glosses, all of which cost under $10.

1) NYX Butter Gloss ($4.99)
Before I discovered this beauty brand, I was seriously missing out! NYX’s Butter Gloss comes in 22 delicious shades, and the application is very smooth, as the name suggests. I am obsessed with the Angel Food Cake color, and I keep it in my bag at all times.

2) Burt’s Bees Lip Shine ($7.79)Β 
The variety of colors offered by Burt’s Bees beauty products is highly impressive, considering that the brand mainly prides itself on its body lotions and chapsticks. Burt’s Lip Shine comes in six different tones, but my personal favorite is the “Peachy” color.

3) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine ($9.99)Β Although all of the colors from Neutrogena are gorgeous, in the summer months, I tend to gravitate toward the Vibrant Raspberry shade. I love the pop of pink that this specific gloss provides, and in the fall, I enjoy wearing the deep cherry for a night out.

4) L’Oreal Color Rich Lip Gloss ($8.99)
You can’t go wrong with any product from L’Oreal, but this particular lip gloss happens to be one of their best. The rose shade is absolutely incredible and goes with any piece of clothing. If you’re wearing a bright pattern, it works, and if you’re wearing a minimalist design, it also works.


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