5 of LA’s Best Independent Bookstores

There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon reading a wonderful book in a cozy bookstore. In today’s digital age, however, many people order their books online through companies, or they download e-books through the Kindle app. Despite the popularity of online retailers, Los Angeles has a wide array of great independent bookstores that offer everything from art books to travel guides to incredible children’s stories. Some even have coffee shops inside and regularly host author readings. Whether you want to escape the sweltering heat in the summer or escape the cold on a rainy winter day, these bookstores are the perfect places to sit back, relax, and find your next favorite novel.

1) The Last Bookstore
LocatedΒ in downtown LA, if The Last Bookstore were truly our last bookstore, we’d be in pretty good shape. The Last Bookstore sells both used and new books, as well as music records and art books. The space also regularly hosts live music venues and author readings. There is also a popular Instagram spot located inside of the bookstore: the book tunnel, which is not to be missed.

2) Children’s Bookworld
I have countless childhood memories at this incredible bookstore, and I would highly recommend Children’s Book World to any parent, sibling, or child looking for the perfect story. This store carries more than 80,000 titles, and the books are well-organized into different sections, corresponding to a child’s age and interest. The staff at Children’s Book World are very well-versed in children’s and YA literature, and they always provide the best recommendations. Additionally, some of the people who have hosted book signings here include J.K. Rowling and John Green, and if J.K. Rowling loves a bookstore, you know it’s something special.

3) Samuel French Theatre & Film Bookshop
As an aspiring filmmaker, I could easily spend hours inside of Samuel French. The shop is known for its wide variety of screenplays, plays, and musicals, but Samuel French also sells amazing gifts and hilarious greeting cards. Whether you’re a writer, actor, or obsessed with musical theater, Samuel French will be your definition of heaven.

4) Book Soup
Even though the interior of Book Soup is rather cramped, the bookstore offers thousands of novels, and the store also has a fantastic newsstand. Book Soup sells a variety of international papers and fashion magazines, as well as a diverse selection of books, gifts, and trinkets. Book Soup is located on Sunset in West Hollywood.

5) Skylight Books
Although I personally have never been to Skylight Books, I’ve heard countless wonderful things from several fellow bookworms. According to their website, Skylight offers the best inΒ literary fiction, as well as books on music, art, film, and theater. It is located in Los Feliz.

Featured image source: Last Bookstore L.A.Β 

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