Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen

I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen and feature the city on The Zeitgeist, but since I’ve never been before, I asked someone who is well-versed in Scandinavian travel to create a detailed guide to the city. 

My friend, Cameron, has visited Copenhagen numerous times over the years, and what better way to showcase such an incredible place than with an expert’s point of view?  I am thrilled to feature my wonderful friend on The Zeitgeist this month as a travel guest editor. In her Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen, Cameron reveals her favorite places to eat and shop, as well as the best things to do and see while in the city.


1) Lagkagehuset
What’s a trip to Denmark without a danish? This bakery, with many locations throughout the country, offers incredible baked goods that are perfect to start the day with. Anything you purchase at this bakery will be delicious, but my favorite pastries are the rounds with chocolate in the middle. Additionally, they have great coffee and rhubarb parfaits, in case you want something lighter for breakfast.

Photo taken by Cameron Thompson.

2) Paper Island (Papirøen)
If you love gourmet street food, then this floating warehouse in the Copenhagen harbour with any food you can imagine is the place for you. I recommend this bustling market for lunch — walk up and down the aisles and check out all of the stands before you make your choice! I’ve tried a barbeque duck burger and a vegetable egg crepe– both are incredible. Once you purchase your food, grab a table on the waterfront patio and watch the boats go by.

Image Source: Visit Copenhagen

3) Restaurant Krebsegaarden
This is a true Scandic treasure. Nestled in a building off of the charming Strøget, dining at this incredible restaurant is something I will never forget. From the reindeer carpaccio garnished with juniper berries to the white wine steamed fish, the unique flavors of Danish cuisine come to life at this restaurant.

Image Source: Krebsegaarden


1) Illum
I could spend hours upon hours in this store. Illum features well known names, as well as smaller Danish brands of clothing, cosmetics, foods, and more. Architecturally, this store is gorgeous and quite fun to explore throughout each level. The basement is home to Eataly, an Italian food market, and the rooftop is filled with restaurants. I’ve tried Rossopomodoro, which has incredible pizza!

Image Source: Travel & Leisure

2) Illums Bolighus
This homegoods store is another fun place to explore. Scandic design is impeccable, and you can see it in this department store. Beyond the furniture and kitchenware, the bottom floor is filled with one of a kind gifts. Forget the souvenir shops on the Strøget that all sell the same postcards, t-shirts, keychains, and viking helmets — if you want something to truly remember your time in Denmark, then you must come here.

Image Source: WikiMedia

3) Flying Tiger
I am all about tchotchkes, so I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Flying Tiger. There are many cute and inexpensive little things that are super fun to look at! The store is SO colorful and eye catching, so you definitely won’t miss it. 


1) Nyhavn
This famous waterfront neighborhood is perfect for the Insta! Although tourist-ey, it truly is a must see. With each building a different color along a canal with filled with boats, this is a beautiful place to walk around and take pictures. However, I don’t recommend getting dinner here! The restaurants are overpriced, and they definitely don’t have the best food.

Image Source: Scandic Hotels

2) Amaliehaven
This waterfront park, directly across from Paper Island, is a beautiful area to ride bikes through. As you observe the beautiful gardens and the ornate city architecture from afar, stop at the in-ground trampolines! My sister and I stumbled upon these on a bike ride, and we had lots of fun! 

Image Source: Common Wiki Media


1) Take a bike ride
Copenhagen truly lives up to its title of being the most bike-friendly city in the world. Renting a bicycle and using the city’s paths is truly the best way to see Copenhagen. I suggest taking a bike tour if it’s your first time visiting the city, just to get a feeling for how exhilarating and amazing it is to ride through the bustling Scandic metropolis — minus the nerves of navigation.

Photo taken by Cameron Thompson.

2) Go to Tivoli
Tivoli is essentially adult Disneyland — gorgeous, exciting, and sophisticated. Besides the rides, this amusement park has so much more to offer. They hold concerts on their large grassy lawn in the summer, they actually have amazing food (I know what you may be thinking, amusement park food? Well, I had an amazing steak frites dinner here, that I still think about from time to time), and their many gift shops have nice items. The best part of Tivoli is the Nimb Hotel, which is located inside of the park. Although you can’t go inside unless you are a hotel guest, the outside is fantastic and beautifully lit at night.

Photo taken by Cameron Thompson.

3) Climb the Rundetaarn
Built as an observatory in the 17th century, this circular tower is fun and easy to climb for a gorgeous view of the city. Because the tower was built to transport horses, you walk up a spiral incline until you reach the top, and get a full 360° view of Copenhagen. Because it’s right off of the Strøget, it’s super easy to find — and only takes about 30 minutes in total. And it’s so worth it! 

Image Source: Trip Advisor

Additionally, the featured image source is: Flights Nation. 

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