Ahead of the Trend: Statement Sunglasses

As I was flipping through an old family photo album, I stumbled upon a photograph of a four-year-old version of myself wearing reindeer sunglasses on Christmas Eve. For years, I refused to wear anything but absurdly flashy accessories, and these sunglasses were no exception. Looking back, I of course appear ridiculous wearing glasses that are about the same size as my head and include a red nose like Rudolph, no less. I’m also seriously rocking the double-chin look circa 2003. Although I still enjoy donning bright accessories, I am no longer an advocate of the Rudolph style. When I was scrolling online earlier today, however, I noticed that Dolce & Gabbana’s latest collection includes several 3D sunglasses.

The brand’s most recent show took place yesterday in Milan for Fashion Week, and I find it hilarious that I was possibly 14 years ahead of the statement sunglasses trend! Without further ado, I present you with some of my favorite statement glasses that are available online today from all price ranges.

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