Alexandra has been featured in numerous publications, including InStyle Czech Republic, LA Times High School Insider, Tigerbeat Magazine, and Miss Heard Media. She has also been interviewed live by Sweety High and Awesomeness TV. Celebrities, bloggers, and public figures have worn many of her designs, and some fans of The Zeitgeist include actress Halston Sage, fashion photographer Mark Hunter, and TV personality Juliet Angus. For press inquiries, please contact Alexandra directly:

Tigerbeat Magazine: Alexandra was featured in the October 2016 issue and was nominated under the entrepreneurship category for the 19 Under 19 Awards.
LA Times High School Insider: Alexandra was profiled by Cassandra Hsiao in September 2016.
Justine Magazine: Featured in the June/July 2017 Issue.
Taylor Magazine: Alexandra was interviewed by the London-based publication in May 2017.
Whimn Australia: Alexandra was interviewed for the media site in June 2017.
Grumpy Magazine: Alexandra was interviewed for the French magazine in June of 2017.
Running in Rockstuds: Alexandra was interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Jordan Held in December 2016.
GoldCrown Magazine: Alexandra's interview was featured in the June/July 2016 Issue.
GoldCrown Magazine: June/July 2016 Issue.
Awesomeness TV: Zeitgeist designs were featured in an August 2016 article.
Awesomeness TV: August 2016.
Austin 360: March 2017. Alexandra spoke at The Girls’ Lounge at SXSW alongside Mackenzie Ziegler, Tegan Marie, Skai Jackson, and Abigail Harrison. The event was live streamed by the media company Sweety High.
YAYOMG: April 2017. Alexandra was interviewed by YAYOMG about all things Zeitgeist and entrepreneurship.
Lucid Magazine: Alexandra was interviewed for the magazine’s 21st issue in June of 2017.
"The Suzanne" tee by The Zeitgeist featured in the September Issue of InStyle Czech Republic.
InStyle Czech Republic: “The Suzanne” tee by The Zeitgeist featured in the September 2016 Issue.
College Fashion: Two Zeitgeist designs were featured on the Instagram account in April 2017.
Tigerbeat Magazine: “The Ames” tank by The Zeitgeist featured on the cover of Tigerbeat’s May/June issue in 2017.
Miss Heard Media: Alexandra was interviewed by Miss Heard Media in January 2017.
GoldCrown cover featuring The Zeitgeist.
GoldCrown Magazine: June 2016 cover featuring The Zeitgeist.
PopMania November 2016
PopMania: November 2016 interview series.
PopMania: December 2016 interview series.
Amazing Kids Magazine: Alexandra was featured in Amazing Kids Magazine in February 2017.
Madifon by Fashion: Alexandra was interviewed for the Swedish fashion site in March of 2016.